Tailored suits, vests, jackets and blazers this season. Back in the 1930s, women began taking on leading roles as the Great Depression gave away to the second World War. In the spirit of fearless optimism, women became trailblazers in both outdoor activity and industry. They also started wearing men’s clothing, such as tailored jackets and vests and structured suits. This season, the designers all stick with the clean cuts and lines, focus on the shoulders ( the bigger, the better). 


Gladiator sandals –the summer IT shoes

The idea of Gladiator shoes are originally from ancient Roman civilization. Fighters wore them when they fought with each other, and we can see these styles in a lot of movies. Nowadays, this style has evolved into a fashion trend. I’ve always adorned the style of gladiator sandals, I deem them to be the coolest and most cutting –edge. However, since I am a short girl, I seldom dare to wear them, because I think they will look better on long legs.

gladiator-shoesGladiator sandals seem always somewhere in the fashion cycle. They are on and off every season, but never really got trendy or popular. Every summer, I see some people wearing these kinds of sandals, with their characteristic thin strips and wrapped laces. This spring and summer, it is time for them to come into their own. Gladiator sandals could take on different looks, they could be knee-high, ankle-high, and they could be attached with the high-heels, flats or even platforms; moreover they could come in a variety of styles. Girls can wear them for all kinds of occasions: going out, going to school, and going to work. A girl can look very sexy paired with a gladiator sandal with long laces that wrapped on the legs, and can also look very chic and laid-back when wearing a flat gladiator sandal.


The Givenchy runway show, we saw fabulous gladiator leather sandals in black and white. They looked very sexy and modern. I like how the black laces wrapped around the legs to create intense visual effects, while I love how the ankle- high gladiator sandals covered the ankle parts and left the toe open.

All you need is a tee shirt


Hey Guys, 

Are you tired of tying ties every morning before work?

Are you tired of wearing all the layers to attend a 
cocktail party?

This is the way to go. Your problem is solved by 
wearing one of these. 

Just a t-shirt is all you need.