2009 Milan Fashion week wrapped up

Marni 2009 Milan Fashion Week
I think that the Milan Fashion Week was impressive me more, since I always admire the color sense of Italian designers. Italian designers specialize in collaborating patterns and shapes and beautifully collage them. They seem to have natural talents in the mix and match of color palettes. Italian fashion is all about drapes and floral prints, which responses strongly to its fashion heritage. One brand that is worth to talk about in 2009 Milan Fashion Week was Gucci. Gucci became more hip and modern year by year. In my old impression, Gucci was for old and conservative women, however it showed to us modernity and urbanity. The wide padded shoulders in the show of Dolce&Gabanna was referenced from the 80s. I like a lot the sculptural structure of the jackets, which was very standing out.


Topshop- 2009 London Fashion Week

london-fashion-week-topshop-unique-stroyI’ve always been loved Topshop, and it is one of my favorites online shopping spot, even though I’ve never been to London, and never been to any Topshop stores. I guess that London designers just happen to be more creative and artistic than American designers. American sportwears, for me, are more commercial and casual, yet lack of the fashion sense, probably, because of the cultual distinction between The U.S and the U.K. England has much longer, richer and more spectacular history than America. The typical American brands, such as DKNY, Calvin Klein, GAP and so forth all emphsized on ease and comfort. Yes, American people don’t really care about the style and fashion trends that much, which is just my personal impression. However, ease and comfort is so important, sometime, we just feel tired to wear fashion-forward clothing that makes you feel uncomfortable.

S/S 2009 NY Fashion Week

S/S 2009 NY Fashion Week

The most stunning shows for this season were Marc Jacobs, Marc by Marc and Proenza Schouler. Marc Jacobs is really a genius among all American designers. Basically, New York Fashion is not as watchable as London fashion week. European designers just happen to be more creative and edgier than American ones, however, a New York born designer-Marc Jacobs-is a true legendary.

As a chief fashion director of French luxury brand Louis Vuitton, an American in Paris, he has a sort of melting-pot mentality, and he brought to us a provocative broadway show in which all kinds of references were infused together. Someone saw the boating hats as the inspiration from the musical film Mary Poppins, others thought it of Yves Saint Laurent’s collection redux. Marc Jacobs said backstage : it was nothing complicated, just jerseys, tank tops, pants and shorts were cut and belted in the mix and match way. I love the multilayered and colorful garments accessorized with chunky necklaces and bracelets. I adore the metallic fabrics with the floral or geometric patterns. Not to mention that the folksy handbags were beautifully made. The overall effects were very remarkable. It was without doubt the best show in 2009 NY Fashion week.

In his diffusion line, Marc by Marc, Marc Jacobs took a look back to his spectacular signature-grunge look with a vintage spin, which is wearable and easy care. I am a big fan of Marc Jacobs. Marc Jacobs seems to accurately catch the characteristics of modern generation and inject the free spirits and ease into his collection. From season to season, I always can find something I could die for on his runway show.