Michael Jackson is influential worldwide, including China


“Oh my god. Michael Jackson died” I heard someone almost yelling at the school Mac lab.  I thought it must be another rumor about Jackson, poor Michael. when I got  home, turned on the TV, the news was already everywhere. Oh, my god, it is true. The king of Pop just died in UCLA hospital. In the last 10 years, Michael was always associated with some sort of scandals, and it seem like people only paying  attention to his horrible plastic surgery. We almost forgot, overall, he is one of  the great and most influential artists ever in the history of Pop culture. Nobody doesn’t know Michael even people in China, everybody knows Michael Jackson, my mom knows, the little kid knows. As far as I know, a lot of Chinese musician and artists have been strongly influenced by Jackson. 

I remembered that I  knew Jackson when I was in high school in the late 90s, and  It was pretty late to know Michael. I recalled clearly that I was in a mall with my mom in Beijing, and the mall played his hit MTV black and white. I literally stopped there, watching the entire video and  didn’t leave until my mom asked me, and I was kind of shocked and confused at  the same time. I was shocked about his amazing voice and killer moves and confused about his race and gender. He was just beyond regular human being for me at that moment. I was like “who was that? “  later on, I found out his album bad and history at a record store  and ever since has became a huge fan of Michael. Michael Jackson is not just a pop icon but becomes a pop terminology in some extent. A few years ago, imitation show was popular in China, Michael was imitated most by people for his trademark outfit, voice and of course moon dance. If anyone who could copy the moon dance Michael did, he or she was considered to be genius.

michael-jackson's killer move

Michael Jackson's killer move

I can’t believe that Jackson is gone forever, Billie Jean, one of my favorite songs by Michael is still in my iPod, whenever I played this song, I felt it. A lot of his music are truly legendary and timeless.


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