A few things that interest me

Rad Hourani transmformations

Rad Hourani transmformations, photo courtesy of http://www.refinery29.com

One piece does all, under economic recession, it takes longer for us to invest our money on clothes, and we all look for the perfect one that can be versatile and functional. French designer Rad Hourani‘s new collection are so transformative that  take us from summer to winter, all year long. One jacket can turn to be six looks. The straight silhouette is unisex and black never makes you out of date.

Rad Hourani transmformations, photo courtesy of www.refinery29.com

Rad Hourani transmformations, photo courtesy of http://www.refinery29.com

Remember that I met Angela Gao at Patti’s class when she just started her own line. At that time, the only employer of Angela Gao was herself. She was responsible of everything including design, produce and market. At the age of 23, she already acted like a real businesswoman, fling back and forward between New York and Shanghai where she manufactures all her collection.  A year later when I met her again in New York last month, her label AnGG was fully established and sold all over the country, now you can find AnGG not only in New York and also in San Francisco and Seattle. Shop  at AnGG at www.revolveclothing.com

You love ’em or you hate ’em, but fact is, a red lip is always in. Get The Perfect Red Lip Look

Free concert, sounds like a good offer. I usually don’t trust anything free, Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival changed my mind, however I still felt sick when I thought about the public restrooms there.

I wish I were in New York so I can shop at Topshop for 20% off by showing my student ID.

anxious face, photography courtesy of www.nytime.com

anxious face, photography courtesy of http://www.nytime.com

Does anyone feel anxious and worried ? I hope I am not the only one, and I admitted that sometime I have a sense of insecurity and worry too much. I asked myself like “What I am going to do after graduation, if I couldn’t find a job, how am I able to pay back the student load? ” This article posted on NYTimes really answer some of my questions about the anxiousness of human being.

Susie Bubble called shoes porn London S/S 10 Shoe Fest. I love the crazy shoes even though most of them are highly unwearable, yet seriously consider the mid-wedged ones that can give me a few more inches.


Valentino: The last emperor- behind the fame

The documentary movie Valentino the last emperor tells us about the daily life of the legendary fashion designer and behind the scenes story.  Beautiful gowns, skinny models, dreamy stage decoration, wealthy lives, probably these are the words left for us after viewing the film.  The film shows the most glamorous lifestyle you could ever imagine, private jet, lavish dinner and private parties, even Valentino’s five puppies can be specially treated like human being by lining up on the leather seats in the private jet. The lifestyle seems only happening in another planet. Perhaps, after watching the film, many of you want to be fashion designers when you grew up, however Rome doesn’t build in one day and success doesn’t come easily, to be a fashion designer doesn’t as simple as you saw in the film and which takes lots of efforts.

the pic sourcing from www.torybunch.com

Valentino with celebrities, models,the pic sourcing from http://www.torybunch.com

pugs, Valentino's pets, pic sourcing from www.valentinomovie.com

Pugs, Valentino's pets, pic sourcing from http://www.valentinomovie.com

In the film, it features young Valentino and how he got started. It took him 45 years to build up his fashion emperor and he started up as a couturier from the bottom line and then worked his way up to become super famous after designing the wedding dress for Jacqueline Kennedy.  It was fascinated about his strong determination and passion about fashion, coming from such a young man. He always wants to be a fashion designer and all he wants is to make beautiful for women, claimed by him in the film. He never loses sight of why he does what he does, even in the midst of the death of couture.  The documentary movie also captures some spontaneous and dramatic moments such as he couldn’t control his temper before the show and yelled at the cameraman, this also shows the perfectionism and diva side of Valentino. He simple wants to make sure that his work is resented in the best way possible.

Young Valentino, pic sourcing form TASCHEN Books

Young Valentino, pic sourcing form TASCHEN Books

Fabulous lifestyle of Valentino with models, pic sourcing from valentinomovie.com

Fabulous lifestyle of Valentino with models, pic sourcing from valentinomovie.com

The relationship between Valentino and his best friend, business partner Giancario is also at the center of the film. They’ve worked together forever and almost never been apart for each other. The complex mix of this duo had built their fashion emperor.

Valentino with Giancarlo Giammetti in Giammetti’s office at the Palazzo Mignanelli, in Rome, on May 26, 2004. Photographs by Jonathan Becker.

Valentino with Giancarlo Giammetti in Giammetti’s office at the Palazzo Mignanelli, in Rome, on May 26, 2004. Photographs by Jonathan Becker.

The film is definitely worth to watch twice in that not only it is a fresh look at Valentino as a couture designer and a behind-the –scene look at the truth of the fashion industry, it shows us the elements that are driven people succeed- simply follow your dream and keep doing it. Continue reading

Nanette Lepore SS2010 Wrap-up

nanette leporeAbout Nanette Lepore

Nanette Lepore was born in Youngstown, Ohio in 1972, and after graduating from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, she moved to LA and opened her first store, which selling her clothes to Neiman Marcus as well as Asian and European buyers. After marrying painter Robert Savage, they opened a design studio at New York City garment district and became very successful since then. She is known best for her collection of dresses and accessories that contain her bohemian style and sensibility.

About Nanette Lepore SS2010 Collection

The collection was all about color and beautiful print. The color palette included in acid yellow, neon orange and hot pink. The collection was optimistic. Nanette had to be inspire and effected by her painter husband a great deal since some of the prints on the shirks almost looked like from painting canvas. The chunky wedges in patter and print  were as eye-catching as the clothes.

n2The silhouette is fluid and flowing.

Color Palette: print, bright solid color from clothes to shoes


Peter Som SS2010 Wrap-up

Peter Som_Fashion designer About Peter Som Peter Som, a native San Francisco, was raised by an artistic family, both his parents are architects, Today, Peter is continuously  influenced by the ideals of form, composition to design clothes for elegant and sophisticated women. While he was at the prestigious Parsons,  he apprenticed with two of America’s most well-known designers- Michael Kors and Calvin Klein. He was recognized by the CFDA as an rising star and was nominated by many  awards. Peter made his debut line in Bryant Park in 2001. From July 2007 to October 2008 Peter Som served as Creative Director of women’s wear for Bill Blass. During his tenure at the legendary design house Peter’s collections received enormous praise from both press and retailers alike. His clean, unfettered yet feminine clothes have been winning accolades from buyers and critics alike.

About Peter Som SS2010 Collection: It was reported by style.com that Peter was inspired by cruisewear, Jacques- Heni Lartigue’s photos of Deauville and Hokusai woodcuts in this season. The entire collection was very delight and joyful, the color palette is vibrant and mixture with rich textures and details. I think the collection was that downtown chic meets uptown elegant. It was an eccentric, quirky yet luxurious and feminine.



The silhouette was very clean and straight lined. It encompassed either simple separates such as tops teaming with shorts or skirts or shift dresses. The style was very simple but wearable. The collection focused on color and texture rather than silhouette.

Accessory trends To make different from previous style, Peter added the whimsical hair accessories in this season. The chunky hair accessories are reminiscent me of traditional African style which highlighted the whole look and increase the exotic feelings.

color palette

Color Palette: bright, vibrant, solid color teaming with prints, strips matching with prints. Overall I think Peter Som is optimistic and look forward to the future, The color combination is bold and eye-catching, and the look is getting younger and edgier. Peter said that he wanted to make every cloth sparkle and evey fabric

Why I love fashion


Why I love fashion? it is the easiest and hardest question in the world. The answer seems like pretty obvious yet hard to explain in a few sentences. First of all, I am a girl and I believe female species tend to love fashion more than males in general, therefore technically I’ve fell in love with fashion when I were born. My mom told me that when I was about five years old, I started to pay attention to my own appearance, she said that I loved to look at the mirror and play “dress up” and constantly practice posing in front of the mirror. I remembered I was always the most outstanding kid in the kindergarten since my aunt often bought fashionable and colorful clothes from Japan at that time.


When I was old enough to understand fashion magazines, I began to subscribe to the fashion magazines  most of which were from Japan, since China’s fashion was pretty much influenced by Japan fashion at the beginning. I analyzed  how the girls on the magazines wear and found the closest styles at the street and mixed and match by myself in the period of time.


When I moved to New York City, my eyes were completely opened. The word “fashion” was redefined and I totally obsessed with New York downtown chic, uptown elegant street style. I feel that fashion is an attitude and a lifestyle and different culture reflects to different fashion. Asian style is very detail oriented yet western style focuses on cut and structure. Fashion is also closely associated with pop culture, society structure and so on. As I get to know more about American urban culture, I understand American fashion and  fall in love with it more. I think that fashion has no country boundary and after all is a creative form and a type of art.