My favorite vampires and werewolves



These pictures capture the features of vampires, red eyeballs, long and red finger nails, bloody lips. They are just supernatural creatures that are used to scare people.

Jacob in New Moon

Jacob in New Moon

Jacob in New Moon is undeniably the warmest and kindest werewolf  ever. Werewolves, once referred to as dangerous animals, protect human beings from being hurt by bad vampires in the film New Moon. The actor Taylor Lautner did a great job in the movie. It could be nice to have such a cute and strong werewolf around all the time.


Deep analysis of "New Moon"

I went to see New Moon last Saturday, because it seemed like a hot movie. It was reported that it made most money in a single day by any film. People in the theater were screaming when Jacob stripped his shirt off to mop bella’s bleeding head. They were moaning with despair when Bella and Edward either kissed or were going to kiss. A lot of people primarily women in all different age group were addicted to this love story and these emotions were changed as the fates of main characters changed. I kept thinking why many people love New Movie?

Teen love is the central of the movie. The seemingly impossible love story happened between a human being –a high school girl Bella and a vampire Edward. Vampires, as we all know, are supported to be cold-blooded bloodsuckers and have no emotion, however Edward has to control his vampire nature and tries not to hurt his love. Every time when he wants to kiss the girl he loves, he got confused and hesitated.  The whole movie is full of controversies.

In the movie, everybody undergoes a dilemma. Bella struggles to make a choice between Edward and Jacob, Edward is her true love but it would be dangerous to be with him. Jacob is her best friend, and she loves him as a friend, but Jacob can truly protect her as a werewolf who kills bad vampires. Edward has dilemma whether to stay with Bella or leave her. Jacob one time has hard time to decide whether to tell Bella that he is a werewolf or not to see her anymore.

Love is the ultimate dilemma. In our society, huge dilemmas place out everywhere, as big as in politics, as small as daily life decisions. Continue reading

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Lady Gaga and her gigantic shoes

What do I think about Lady Gaga? People say that Lady Gaga will be the next Modanna, next Britney Spears. Well, I doubt it. I admit that she’s got voice and is talented in music, but that are not enough to reach the level of Madonna and Britney. Lady Gaga will never be in the same league as them because they are natural beauties even without make-up, and Lady Gaga relies on layers and layers of make-up and masks. Madonna and Britney really can dance and dance sexily, whereas Lady Gaga can’t. However, Gaga has her own advantages. She is a talented musician and an amazing performer. She is a fashion risk-taker who dares to break the rules and be out there.

Lady Gaga does have unique fashion style and we can’t keep our eyes off her. She is a walking advertisement for many high couture brands such as Martin Margalie, Alexander McQueen and Yves Saint Laurent. Her trademark look is basically a swim suit teamed with a pair of gigantic platform shoes. She knows how to change her proportion to make herself look taller.

The adorable Ballet platform shoes with clean heels from Junko Shimada.

Love these shoes of YSL! If I had $1000, I would buy a pair. I feel like these shoes would actually be wearable.

The new style that was just shown in Alexander McQueens S/S 2010 collection was worn by Gaga in her new MV “Bad Romance”.

lady gaga pink heels stella maccartney

Lady Gaga pink heels Stella Maccartney

Dumpling Dynasty -Asian Vintage Style

These Chinese kits definitely brought back the memories of my childhood. In the early 80s in China, the similar style packages were everywhere. The stuffs inside the kit feel both familiar and unfamiliar to me. They are familiar because I had used or seen most of them When I was a child. They are unfamiliar to me because they are old and already out of date. It is fun to bring them back and gets me a strong sense of nostalgia.

Pigtail Kit $18

Pigtail Kit $18

My favorite kit is Pigtail kit. I almost ensure I owned the same kinds of hair accessories when I was five.

The design carries the strong Chinese 80s style but is reinterpreted and recreated by the scotland illustrator Fiona Hewitt who had lived in Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong for many years. She and Andy Tainton, an expert in Asian Kitschology co-created the brand Dumpling Dynasty, and they took inspiration from trawling the flea market and junk shops for years in China.

sewing kit $18

sewing kit $18

Sewing kit is another practical one, and a great gift choice for the holiday.


First Aid

First Aid

The first Aid is so glorious! must have….

The following is what the two creators say about Dumpling Dynasty

“Our products are a labour of love. Sought-out from lesser-known parts of China, we strive to personalize and re-create the sweet sentiment and attention to detail found in vintage Asian packaging design,” says Fiona Hewitt. “It is our hope that these products will make your life a little sweeter every time you use them.”