Free hand wax curving ring

Finally finished the dome ring out of a green wax block, now it was time to start carving. I free hand drew some leaves shape, and carved the outlines over and over again. I was very happy that it turned out better than what I expected, I did not have any draft and sketch. Sometime free form + free hand is the best, just trust your instinct, let go free! To be continuing….



Monkeys in the jungle

Tonight was a great fun night. I had tons of works done. The piece was almost finished, just a little bit left. I felt more comfortable with watercolor, I used more water and created more freeform and smooth look. I can’t wait for next week which we gonna try to paint flowers in watercolor. Flowers definitely are one of the best subjects for watercolor.  photo 1

My lighting Sphere just arrived today!

The best Chinese New Year gift I ever got. Shapeways did an amazing job! Two thumbs up! Amazing to see my design that came to life so quickly.  I can’t wait to put a lightbulb in it. There were imperfection here and there, but this is the reason why I keep doing what we are doing and believing it.

IMG_7103 IMG_7239

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Sunday running and museum visit routine

Luck enough I live nearby all the museums and central park. Sunday running along the park and museum visit became part of my routine, so far I visited Cooper Hewitt Design museum and National Academy Museum, they are actually neighbors, of course I also went to Met which is also not far from these two museum. If you are a fan of contemporary design and art, you probably like Coopor Hewiit which is also my favorite. We can be healthy and arty at the same time. IMG_7157 IMG_7181 IMG_7211

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