About me

Hi Everyone, Welcome to my blog. Firstly Let me introduce myself, my name is Jiang Yuan, currently live in New York City as a designer. Vivian Eastwood is a fun blog I started since my graduate school year at the Academy of Art University. Somebody may ask that did you marry a guy who’s last name East Wood? No, Vivian Eastwood was just an interesting nickname I only used on my blog, since back then, my favorite designer was the legendary Vivienne Westwood, since I am a Chinese girl, I went by ” Eastwood” I think it was a fun idea:). Previously I worked as merchandiser in fashion and fine jewelry industry, which I learned a lot of useful knowledge and skills in business and marketing, however I always love design and want to work for a career that can show my creativity. Therefore since 2012, I took action to continue studying at Fashion Institute of Technology as well as Gemological Institute of America, focusing on jewelry design, after that,  I had worked for well- known design companies, I enjoy everyday of my life ever since. Besides jewelry design, I am also interested in digital marketing. I explore as many art medium as possible, so in my blog, you will not only see my design inspiration and process but also some of my latest art works.

Hope you enjoy reading my blog!

If you want to keep in touch with me, please email me @ vivianjiangyuan@gmail.com, you can also visit my jewelry brand website @www.ninehope.com Thank you !